Too Small, Too Big, Too Windy, Too Sunny, Too Shady?

9 Aug

Solutions to Common Landscaping Challenges

Whether you’re a glass half-empty or a glass half-full homeowner, chances are your outdoor space is not exactly what you wish it were. Landscape experts, however, know how to turn challenges into triumphs. has resources for almost every landscaping challenge out there.

In this featured garden from LandscapingNetwork, a California landscaper plants not only horizontally, but vertically as well, to expand the visual impact of the plantings.

To maximize small landscape spaces:

  • Plan for multiple focal points— in a small space, there are often no sweeping vistas, nor is there space to make one grand statement. Turn that to your advantage by planning a variety of small “surprises” in your garden, creating multiple places for the eye to stop and savor.
  • Go luxe. — Another advantage to small spaces? Not a lot of materials required, which makes it much easier to splurge on high-quality items. Tile the small patio with gorgeous marble. Place a single beautiful wrought iron bench in a nook. Line the short winding path with sea glass pebbles. In a small space, large gestures are more affordable — and they have a greater impact.

 To make the most of your shady yard:

  • The illusion of sun dappled plantings— plant perennials with natural green and yellow coloring. Landscape pros rely on this sleight of hand (or color) to make areas of the yard appear to be catching bits of sunlight.
  • Know your perennials — there are plenty of eye-catching flowers and shrubs that thrive in shady rather than sunny conditions. Use them lavishly to bring color and variety to your shaded yard.

For more tips, ideas and designs, see Expert Solutions for Solving Typical Yard and Landscape Challenges on

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