Less Money, More Free Time

21 Sep

Top Trends in Home Improvement

It’s not about the biggest house anymore, it’s about the smartest home — the most flexible, the most comfortable, the most energy efficient, the easiest. Whether you’re staying in your home or considering selling, making changes that make your house more cost-effective and lower-maintenance is a good investment.

In today’s world, having your home cost you a bit less each month and take up a little less of your free time each week can make a big difference.


Siding – low maintenance and maintenance-free siding solutions can save you time and money. According to Remodeling Magazine, installing fiber-cement siding averages an 80 percent return on your investment, if you sell your home. And that’s not taking into consideration the amount of time you’ll have free not making or organizing repairs.


Energy Efficiency – so, your appliances are Energy Star rated, your bulbs are CFL, you’ve checked your windows and doors for leaks; but do you really know where your energy is going? New energy monitor devices can help you track the energy usage for a single device or your whole house.


Storage – whether it’s getting rid of that monthly storage facility fee or clearing off your floors, chairs and tables, transforming unused space into creative storage space is one of top ways to maximize the home you’re in. Under the stairs, over doors, inside suspiciously under-used (not the same as not full) closets are all spaces that a little creativity and handywork (or handyman services) can transform into good-looking and useful added storage.


For more ideas to save you money and free up your time, try these resources:

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