Thinking About A Skylight? Consider a Solar Tube Instead

15 Nov

5 reasons solar tubes are one of the most popular home improvements

Solar tube or Skylight? Consider the following:

  1. Solar Tubes Cost less — according to, the national average to install a solar tube yourself is $250 (by a pro the average cost is $483), while the cost to install a regular skylight yourself averages $375, and to have it done by a pro, $597. (To see the average project costs specific to your zip code, click here.)
  2. Solar Tubes Are Easier to Install —unlike skylights, solar tube installations do not require new drywall, paint or major structural changes to your roof or framing. Solar tubes are designed to fit between rafters and other structural elements in your home. (See’s Installation guide for more details.)
  3. Solar Tubes Can Move the Light —while skylights function as “window” on your roof, solar tubes can be installed to bring the sunlight to spaces without direct rooftop exposure to the sun (even through the second floor to a room on the first floor). Available in a variety of sizes, solar tubes are a particularly good solution for hallways, closets and small spaces.
  4. Solar Tubes Are More Energy Efficient —because they are smaller than traditional “window” skylights, solar tubes are responsible for losing less heat in the winter and letting in less heat in the summer.
  5. Solar Tubes Are Gentler —by diffusing the sunlight through reflecting it down the tube, solar tubes filter the impact of UV light on furniture, draperies and carpets.


Some popular manufacturers of tubular skylights include:

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