Do you appreciate what you have?

18 Feb

 How many people take things for granted?  I am talking now about services we all pay  for like law enforcement protection,  fire protection,  highway maintenance etc. 

We recently had a lot of snow with icy roads and a lot of accidents. It seems some people insist on driving in bad weather the same way they do when the roads are dry which in a lot of cases not very good.

 I think it is time for people to show a little more appreciation and respect to the men and woman who help us when we need them and keep our streets safe, put out the fires, keep our roads open and in repair. I know what you are thinking is that is what they are paid for which is true but what they do not need is attitude and disrespect for doing their job.

 So, the next time a cop stops you for driving too fast or irresponsibly don’t get mad at him or her, they are just doing the job we hired them to do.

 When you see that fire equipment coming up behind you,  pull over they may be on their way to save someones life or put out the fire in your house.

Give the highway repair crews the space they need and be glad that plow driver didn’t run into you after you cut him or her off and  was able to open the road for you so you could get to work.

They are all just doing the jobs we hired them to do and I for one are glad they are there.

Thank you

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