When Form Meets Function Meets Frugality

8 May

Ceiling fans are one of the unsung heroes of home décor — and here’s why:

1. Fans are…  energy efficient

Consider this: ceiling fans use a fraction of the energy as air conditioning and can reduce the temperature in a room by up to eight degrees. Ceiling fans can now qualify for an Energy Star rating — Energy Star fan/light fixtures are more than 50 percent more efficient than other fan/light units.

2. Fans are.. simple

Ceiling fans are easier and less expensive to install and maintain — a good handyman should be able to handle anything that comes up.

3. Fans are… not just for summer

Most ceiling fans available these days offer forward and reverse direction for the blade rotation. In the cold weather, reversing the direction of the blades will help move heated air that has risen to the ceiling out to the edges of the room and down the walls, maximizing your heat and helping to reduce heating costs. 

4. Fans are… good for outdoors too

Installing ceiling fans in outdoor patios, porches and decks can make a huge difference in the comfort of your outdoor space. Creating a constant breeze and air flow, fans can combat not only the heat, but also bugs.


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