Light Up Your Summer Nights

29 May

1. It doesn’t have to be fancy

Hang inexpensive pendant lights — or make your own, like HGTV’s designer Jamie Durie did here out of candle holders and basic pendant lights on a cord.

(photo from

2. Light the way

Nothing’s more romantic than softly lit pathways winding their way through the night, whether you tuck lights above in the branches or nestle them low to the ground.

3. Mix it up

Different areas call for different light — although you’ll need plenty of strong task lighting around your grill area, dimmable lighting, or even a chandelier with real candles, will provide light and ambience for your dining area.

4. One if by land, two if by sea

Lanterns are lovely to look at and quite practical. Enclosed in glass or metal, their light is protected from wind and rain. They can be hung, placed on tables, or on the ground near pathways and steps.

5. Use your holiday lights all year round

Holiday string lights (make sure they are rated safe for both indoor and outdoor use) are perfect for your summer backyard — they can be strung across the top of your patio, around trees, along fences — the possibilities are endless.

For more outdoor lighting design ideas and installation tips, visit these resources:

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