6 Great Gifts Under $60 For Your Favorite Handyman

12 Jun

Turn up the pressure…

…with the Nelson Fireman’s Spray Nozzle for your hose. It transforms your ordinary garden hose into a powerful water spray with up to 300% more water flow than a standard nozzle — for washing down the deck, the car, the bike, the whatever, this is the ticket.

Available at Amazon ($17 to $20).

Even a handyman sits at a desk sometimes…

…and when he does, he’s sure to get a kick from this nifty desk organizer made from recycled steel and salvaged tool parts.

Available at Uncommon Goods ($58).

Because he knows a lot, but not everything…

…there are books for that! Check out the Black & Decker Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair — it covers projects and uses more than 2000 photos to illustrate those projects, tips and safety measures. Available at Amazon ($23).

Sometimes you need to shed some light on the situation…

…and you don’t have an extra hand. That’s when Joby’s Gorillatorch Adjustable and Flexible Tripod Flashlight comes in handy. With enough battery life to last 20 continuous hours at its full 65 lumens brightness (and up to 80 hours when set in economy mode), this is the Spiderman of lights — it can cling to just about any surface at any angle. Available at Amazon ($22).

Whether he’s eco-conscious or energy bill conscious…

…a light switch that turns off when no one is in the room will warm the cockles of his heart. Leviton, Lutron and Enerlites all make light switches with occupancy sensors. This Leviton model is available on Amazon for about $17.

Because opening gifts should be fun, not work…

…there’s the OpenX blister pack opener. Designed specifically to easily and harmlessly (no more nasty plastic cuts) open those frustrating plastic clam shells and packages, the OpenX will be a welcome addition to any handyman’s tool box. Available at OpenX ($10).

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