From dump to décor

13 Mar


The recycling, restoring, repurposing revolution

As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Whether you call it shabby chic, DIY, upcycling, recycling, repurposing, restoring, refurbishing, reusing objects to decorate your home has become a worldwide revolution over the past few years.

The movement was born out of the philosophy that many people have begun to embrace – the need to live a more sustainable lifestyle. They understand that it is better on the environment to reuse things rather than throwing them out. This is harmful to the environment in two ways. First, it puts an extraordinary amount of waste into landfills. Second, it puts more strain on natural resources because something will have to be made new again from scratch.

Some proponents have gotten involved for financial reasons. The economic climate over the past few years has been fairly unstable, to say the least. People are making do with what they have. An entire industry has sprung up around this movement. The people who find the items (have you seen “American Pickers” or “Storage Wars”?) get paid for the service. There are artists and craftsmen who take an older piece and turn it into something new, functional, beautiful and stylish. This also means that retail space is filling up with these items.

This also offers an opportunity for a creative outlet. The number of projects do-it-yourselfers can create is practically endless, limited only by their imagination, materials and budget.

Some are saying that the movement is in the decline; however, the number of places that sell repurposed furniture continues to grow. Do a search for information and you’ll find blogs, websites and Pinterest pages dedicated to it.

Whether you are interested in the movement to help the environment, save some money, or simply because you like the style, no matter what you call it, there’s not really a downside. And if you decide to do it yourself, you’ll have a hobby that is both relaxing and rewarding.

Check back from time to time. We’re going to have posts on a regular basis dedicated to this revolution and share ideas for projects, decorating and tips from people who do it for a living.

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