Recycling, Restoring and Reusing – 12 Ways to Reuse Bread Tags

2 May

You may look upon this simple, ubiquitous household item as something you just have to throw away. But there are some legitimate uses for bread tags that may have you thinking twice before tossing them. They can help with organization, offer material for craft ideas and even household cleaning. 


If you’re reading this on a desktop, chances are you’ve got a gnarled mess of cords going into an outlet strip or surge protector. Identify the cords by writing what they are and clipping a bread tag near the plug. 

Have you ever grabbed a roll of tape, only to have to struggle with finding the end? Simply mark the end with a bread tag. This works on masking, electrical and packing tape. 

Everyone has keys on a ring that they have no idea what it’s used for because they thought they’d remember what lock it went to. Write it on the bread tag and put it on the key ring. 

Use a bread tag to store rubber bands rather than a ball so they won’t break or lose their elasticity. They can also be used to store plastic ties that you find holding toys in boxes and shipping electronics, which can also be reused. 

If you’re a gardener, bread tags can be used to identify your plants. Just write what the plant is and slip a tag onto your garden fence. 


No one likes doing laundry, and folding socks is perhaps the biggest pain in the neck. Save yourself some aggravation by clipping your socks together with a bread tag to hold them together throughout the whole laundering process. 

You can dry pantyhose, stockings and hose on a wire coat hanger by attaching them to the hanger with a bread tag. 


Got some gunk on the inside of your microwave or paint residue on a window? Bread tags are perfect as mini scrapers for getting that stuff out in hard to reach corners. 

You can turn a regular sponge into a scrubber sponge by wrapping a net produce bag around it and holding it in place with a bread tag.

Craft projects

Decorate wine tags to make things like bookmarks, wine charms and placeholders for knitters. 

Missing pieces from games? Have the kids decorate personalized bread tags. 

Spray paint them silver and gold to make a great clip for hanging lights around the holidays.

Of course, there are other ways to use bread tags. Some guitar players use them as picks, but that didn’t fit into any categories. What are some other ways to reuse bread tags?

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