Where to hide a spare house key

26 Sep

Have you ever locked yourself out of the house with no spare to get you back in? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s a fairly common occurrence.

By hiding a key somewhere on or near your property, you’ll be able to get back in quickly without spending a ton of money. At least not as much as it costs to get a locksmith out to open the door.

Where NOT to hide a spare key

Because it’s so common to hide a key in these spots, don’t do it. Anyone who wants to break in will look here:

  • Under the doormat
  • Above the door jamb
  • In the mailbox
  • In a fake rock

Where you should hide a key

At a neighbor’s

Aaaahhh… the tried and true. If you know your neighbor and can trust them, by all means, do this.

In a crevice in a brick or rock wall

Because house keys are usually flat, they fit into small places easily. Make sure it’s inside far enough that you can’t see it unless you’re really looking for it.

Between landscaping railroad ties or rock

Again, make sure it’s inside far enough that you can’t see it unless you’re really looking for it AND so that pets bumping against it or heavy wind or rain can’t knock it out.

Buried in the flower bed

This is a great place to hide a spare key. To protect it from the weather, put it in a small plastic bag or a metal box before you bury it. And don’t forget to mark it!

In the doghouse

If you have an unfriendly dog tied up outside to help protect your home, use his/her personality to protect your spare house key as well.

There are some good products available at your local home improvement store that are perfect for hiding a spare key. You might even consider a REALTOR’s lock. It’s a small box with a combination on the outside. Put the key in it and hide it somewhere in the back yard.

By planning and spending a few bucks, you’ll save yourself some money on an emergency visit from a locksmith.

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